In 2006 when my autobiography An Anchor in the Prairie was published, this site was meant to be a marketing tool. It has become so much more than that. The original book is a chronicle of my life from earliest memory to retirement in 2004, a span of more than 65 years. Today’s world is far different from those days in the 1940s and ’50s when I grew up. I’ll take you back in time.

  A lot has happened since my book was first published. Life in retirement is so good that I just want to share it with the world. With that in mind, I have updated my autobiography in a second edition. This time, it’s published only as an e-book. The second edition of An Anchor in the Prairie covers my extensive international travels  and life challenges since my retirement in 2004. I have traveled the world and learned once again something I already knew: I am so lucky to have been born in the United States of America.

  I now have the bragging rights of having set foot on all seven continents on earth. I have realized a dream of having my picture taken on the Great Wall of China. I have walked among penguins in the frozen Antarctic and walked among the Great Pyramids in the desert of Egypt. I was fortunate to be able to sponsor a boy in Cambodia so he could remain in school. And I have visited and enjoyed some of the wonders of our National Parks in our own great Western States. Oh yeah, I interviewed four U.S. Presidents. I’m the guy who burned a hole in Bill Clinton’s brand new office carpet.

  Those who purchased a copy of the original version of An Anchor in the Prairie  (11 chapters) need not buy the e-book to see what has been added. The 11 additional chapters in the second edition were taken right out of this web site. Click on the links above to see why I still consider myself the luckiest guy on the planet. When you click on MY TRAVELS and read of my adventures, you can then click on each picture to make it bigger.

  An Anchor in the Prairie second edition, all 22 chapters, is available on Amazon.com as a Kindle book, on Barnes and Noble.com as a Nook book, in the Apple iPad bookstore and other on line venues. Be aware that a few copies of the original version (printed copy) are still on the cyber space book shelves with the original cover. My good friend and Navy shipmate Tom Gamel, an accomplished artist, was kind enough to paint the artwork for the new book cover. It looks like this:New book cover